AMASE runs workshops introducing neurodiversity and autistic experiences, for people and organisations who could benefit from hearing about these from an autistic perspective.

We always tailor our workshops to meet the needs of our audience: they depend on the level and type of autism experience that recipients are likely to have, the type of organisation or event that they are for, and the time available. All are interactive, and provide insight into autistic thinking. We have various trainers, all autistic but with a range of different life experiences.

Please get in touch via with any enquiries regarding workshops and training.

Here are some of the comments we have received about past workshops:

Getting the perspective of autistic people rather than professionals who work with autistic people was refreshing. It was very well presented, helped to build empathy, and very informative. 10/10 would come again!

This course was highly recommended by two colleagues and I can only agree. Everyone should take part, it gives a better understanding of anxiety as well.

This was a fascinating and illuminating workshop, and, even as someone who has spoken to autistic friends about their experiences before, I still learnt a lot. I think there is a real need for more of this around the university (and in general!), if there is any way to keep running these, or to perhaps record one to be available to those who couldn’t attend.