Resources on autism published by AMASE

Glossary: glossary of terms relating to autism and neurodiversity

Mental Health Factsheet: basic information on how to support an autistic person encountering mental health difficulties, aimed at friends, family and professionals

Autistic People’s Access to Mental Healthcare Report: ‘Too complicated to treat’? Autistic people seeking mental health support in Scotland. Published by AMASE in November 2018 following a survey of autistic people in Scotland.

Autistic Adults’ Experiences of Counselling (separate site): ‘You need support, validation, good coping skills. You need and deserve acceptance’

Autism One Stop Shop mental health report: More in-depth One Stop Shop focused excerpt of the above mental health report looking at the mental health impact and support provided by autism One Stop Shops in Scotland.

On ‘Positive Behaviour Support’ (as a PDF): Why AMASE and other Autistic People’s Organisations are not supportive of PBS, which is often a euphemism for ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis)

AMASE Research Podcast: interviews with autistic and non-autistic researchers researching autism.

On Autistic People’s Organisations: why we need representative organisations, and why they need to be listened to.

About Us, With Us: how to include autistic people and make better decisions relating to autism.