Resources on autism published by AMASE

Glossary: glossary of terms relating to autism and neurodiversity

AMASE Research Podcast: interviews with autistic and non-autistic researchers researching autism.

Mental Health Factsheet: basic information on how to support an autistic person encountering mental health difficulties, aimed at friends, family and professionals

Autistic People’s Access to Mental Healthcare Report: ‘Too complicated to treat’? Autistic people seeking mental health support in Scotland. Published by AMASE in November 2018 following a survey of autistic people in Scotland.

Autistic Adults’ Experiences of Counselling (separate site): ‘You need support, validation, good coping skills. You need and deserve acceptance’

On Autistic People’s Organisations: why we need representative organisations, and why they need to be listened to.

About Us, With Us: how to include autistic people and make better decisions relating to autism.

Autism One Stop Shop mental health report: More in-depth One Stop Shop focused excerpt of the above mental health report looking at the mental health impact and support provided by autism One Stop Shops in Scotland.