Resources on autism published by AMASE

Glossary: glossary of terms relating to autism and neurodiversity

Mental Health Resources:

On ‘Positive Behaviour Support’ (as a PDF): Why AMASE and other Autistic People’s Organisations are not supportive of PBS, which is often a euphemism for ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis)

AMASE Research Podcast: interviews with autistic and non-autistic researchers researching autism.

On Autistic People’s Organisations: why we need representative organisations, and why they need to be listened to.

About Us, With Us: how to include autistic people and make better decisions relating to autism.

Aut.Scot: A conference co-run by AMASE and ARGH. Talks from the conference are online, including introductions to Autistic People’s Organisations from around Europe.

Other Resources

Edinburgh and Lothians Sources of Support collated by Zoe from the AMASE Committee

Epic Autism Resources from Spectrum Gaming with help from several autistic and neurodivergent people involved in education

Autism and Trauma: A Neurodiversity Affirming Guide for parents + professionals by Spectrum Gaming

Information Hub from Autism Understanding Scotland

More Resources from Autism Rights Group Highland


Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism