Session Facilitators

Posted 2020-12-29

Online event hosts and suggestions

We are looking for online event organisers and facilitators who are interested in proposing and/or helping to run the coming series of online AMASE social events. We are able to pay a small amount to each facilitator per event to thank them for their time (£30 if facilitating alone, £25 if co-facilitating as a pair. You may also be asked to host alongside a committee member or someone else who’s hosted before).

We have Lightning Talks coming up, for which we will need interested organisers to organise speakers, introduce them, and keep the session running as a safe and enjoyable space.

We also have free slots to consider your event proposals, if you would like to organise a social event for other AMASE members. They should take place online, around 1-2hrs in length (negotiable).

You must be an AMASE member, and able to take payment and be responsible for any associated tax obligations (e.g. you are self employed or this is within your annual allowance). Volunteers who can’t take payment are also welcome and we can cover your reasonable expenses.

If you are interested in hosting an event, or have an idea of an event you’d like to host (or an idea to suggest), please email us with a little about yourself and any relevant experience. If you have an online event to suggest, please describe the event, who it’s for, how long, and any other relevant details. Note that AMASE has access to a pro Zoom account.