Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh

Helping autistic people to help each other

We are an Autistic People’s Organisation based in Edinburgh. All full members are autistic, and our goal is to help autistic people to make each other’s lives better through community events and peer support, advocacy and education.

Who can join?

Full Membership of AMASE is free and open to autistic adults aged 16 and over in Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife, or nearby. Those who don’t fit those criteria are eligible to be Associate Members, provided they support AMASE’s objectives.  You can join here.

How do I follow what AMASE is up to?

Members can find out about upcoming events and other things of interest to the autistic community in our newsletter, as well as on our members-only Discord server.

You can also follow us on Mastodon, on Twitter @AMASEdin or on Facebook, or email with enquiries.

We have received grants in the past, but we currently rely on donations. Please donate here if you are able!

What are events like?

We run a range of events aimed at autistic people. Example of past events include:

Most – but not all – of our events take place online.

A joyous shot of folk assembled on the Meadows for Autistic Pride.
Edinburgh Autistic Pride, 2022