My Autism Story

We are planning a new series of events where autistic people are invited to talk about their experiences with autism: how they came to realise they are autistic, what it means to them and so on.

Proposed Structure

0-20 minutes:

Speaker tells their story. They don’t have to speak for the full 20 minutes. Also, if needed they could speak for a bit longer. However, ideally they’d let us know approximately how long they’d like to speak for so other participants know what to expect. We’d welcome speakers to talk on subjects like day-to-day life, coping mechanisms, struggles, how they came to be diagnosed (self or medically), experiences before and after. Speakers can generally talk about anything related to their experience of the subject. What or how much they want to tell is up to the speaker. However, if they are planning to speak about something that is likely to be particularly triggering (health struggles, bullying, abuse etc.), we’d ask that they give warning before the meeting. Any AMASE member can volunteer to be a speaker on any given month. No one will be pressured to speak (beyond being politely asked).

20-50 minutes: 

Discussion. Attendees then have the opportunity to respond to the speaker, ask questions, make points about how it relates to their story, etc. The aim will be to be for a relaxed discussion, but it will be chaired and some discipline would be needed. Obviously, participants should be respectful. Also, if they are to raise something which is may be triggering, they should give a bit of warning before the begin to speak. The chair’s decisions should be respected.

Last 10 minutes:

Speaker can make any final points and then the event will end.