Post-Diagnostic Support

The Scottish Government is funding a range of pilot projects around the country, run by different charities and Autistic People’s Organisations, to ameliorate the lack of support most autistic people report after receiving a diagnosis, as evidenced in The Accountability Gap review.

As part of this, AMASE is running a series of online events, including Lightning Talks. These events are not aimed exclusively at newly identified autistic people, but are an opportunity for people to feel part of the wider autistic community. Our experience suggests that feeling part of an autistic community is one of the most valuable things for someone coming to terms with an autism diagnosis.

Most of the projects forming part of this pilot are open to autistic people from all over Scotland, since they are all online at least for the foreseeable future.

Please join AMASE if you want to hear about our events.

Anyone newly diagnosed may also be interested in the following:

Courses available from Autism Rights Group Highland (ARGH):

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